The Probation Department provides supervision of all juveniles who are found to be delinquent, as per Title II if the Judicial Code of Alabama, and are place on formal probation to the Juvenile Court.   Every juvenile is assigned to a probation officer who supervises the youth’s probation for a minimum of six months.  All probation officers must have bachelor’s degree in a behavioral science and must be certified by the Alabama Department of Youth Services.

The probation officers maintain contact with juveniles on a regular basis and ensures that they are abiding by all the terms and conditions of probation.  

This department supervises youths who reside in Mobile County and are on regular probation.  Those on regular probation must meet with their probation officers once a month.  They must be in school with passing grades or employed full time.  They also have a nightly curfew of 7PM.  Their driving privileges are suspended.  They must pay court costs and restitution to victims when applicable.  They must attend counseling programs as ordered.  The court employees a full time Restitution Coordinator who works with juveniles and their victims in order to determine the amount of restitution each must pay.

The Mobile County Juvenile Court Probation Department has three levels of probation supervision: Administrative Supervision, Reporting Probation, and High Level.

The Probation level to which a youth may be assigned is dependent upon a number of factors. Those factors include, age, seriousness of the offense and record of previous offenses. For Administrative Supervision cases the court issues orders that the youth and family must comply with in order to be released from supervision. Formal terms of probation are not filed.

Reporting Probation requires that the youth meet with a Probation Officer and/or Court Staff at least once a month. Youth and parents/guardians must meet with the probation Officer as much as necessary. Formal terms of probation are filed.

High Level Probation requires that the youth and their parent/guardian must meet with a Probation Officer and/or Court Staff at least once a week. Most youth placed on High Level Probation have a suspended commitment to the Alabama Department of Youth Services. This level of Probation provides a high level of supervision while the offender lives in the community.