The James T. Strickland Youth Center is a secure facility.  All residents’ identities are protected and considered confidential.   

Each resident is allowed two individuals on their visitation list.  Upon the child’s arrival to the facility, approved visitors, usually the legal guardians, are initially determined by the Intake Officer and listed on the Intake Checklist. However, during a Court Hearing, changes to the approved visitor list can be made by the judge or referee.  The visitor list can also be amended by the child’s probation officer.  If they have not been assigned a probation officer, the Intake Supervisor is authorized to make amendments to the visitor list.  Residents are limited to two visitors for 15 minutes periods.  Visitors must present a valid picture I.D in order to be allowed entry into the building. 

Only those individuals with approved visitation will be allowed in the building. Unauthorized visitors will not be allowed to wait in the building and will be asked to leave.  Please make arrangements at home for the care of young children and others who will not be permitted access to the building.

 Detention Visitation Hours

  Tuesdays – 6 pm - 7:30 pm(Last group seated at 7:15 pm)                                                                                  

  Saturdays – 9 am - 11 am  (Last group seated at 10:45 am)

Crisis  Center Visitation Hours

 Monday – Friday  8 am – 5 pm

Must be pre-arranged with administration &   supervised by Probation Officer or Intake Supervisor                                                         

Items that visitors bring in for residents cannot be given directly to them.  All items must be brought to Door 1 where the items will be checked and documented by staff. The items will then be distributed to the resident by detention staff.  Allowable items include the following:  three pair of socks, three pair of underwear, bras with no underwire, medication, three photographs (images cannot depict anything relating to alcohol, gangs, drugs, or nudity), one bible, and one deck of cards.  Female residents are also allowed a perm, and conditioner/shampoo combination.

In order to provide better security for residents, visitors, and staff, please note that a full body metal detector, as well as a hand-held metal detector, will be used to screen all visitors before they are allowed entry into the visitation lounge.  All unauthorized, jackets, hats, caps, packages, purses, smoking materials, pocketknives or other weapons and cell phones will not be allowed in the building.

All approved visitors must be logged in the Visitation Log Book, clearly printing the name of resident, the name of the visitor(s) and the visitor’s/visitors’ relationship to the child.  It is the responsibility of the Probation Officer to ensure this is done for all Crisis Center visitors. Any Crisis Center visits occurring between 8 am – 3 pm will be held in the Processing Area Conference Room to alleviate any disruption to the learning environment for other Crisis Center residents.

Visitation privileges can be terminated at any time if staff feels that an individual poses a threat to the safety and security of the facility.  Please be advised that the visitation policy is strictly enforced.  If you would like to discuss exceptions to the visitation policy, please contact your child’s probation officer or, if they have not been assigned a probation officer, contact the Intake Supervisor, (251) 574-5285.







(frm-108/Rev: 4/17/19)