First Offender For Alcohol:  Minor in Possession

     Informal Alternative to a Juvenile Record:

     1.  Minor will participate in the CAPP Program

     2.  Minor will participate in the Victim’s Impact Panel ($50 fee)

     3.  Minor will complete a minimum of 25 hours community service

     4.  Parents/Guardians will be requested to suspend minor’s driver license for two weeks and enforce a curfew

A project of the Juvenile Court, the Drug Education Council, the Underage Drinking Taskforce, and the Victim’s Impact Panel.  The CAPP program and Panel are conducted on Tuesday evenings.



S.T.O.P:  Stop The (Sexual) Offender Program

A Court-ordered program for juvenile sexual offenders.  Tuesday evenings quarterly as needed.



CAPP:  Chemical Abuse Prevention Program

An educational program for the juvenile and the parents/guardians.  Conducted on Tuesday evenings for four weeks.


 All programs require that the parents/guardians attend with the juvenile except for the S.T.O.P. Program.