The Intake Department processes all delinquent, CHINS cases and dependent cases brought to the Strickland Youth Center. Once an agency or person files a complaint under oath with an Intake Officer, a preliminary inquiry is done of  the information supplied.  If it appears from the preliminary inquiry that the child is within the jurisdiction of the court, the Intake Officer shall either: (1) Utilize the informal adjustment process provided by Rule 15(handle the case without court action); or (2) file a petition if judicial action appears necessary (send the case to court).

Cases that go before the court shall be initiated by the filing of a petition by the Intake Officer after receiving a verified complaint.  All cases going to court require an attorney to represent the child and the payment of court costs.

Intake options:  
• No further action
• Refer to Probation Officer
• Refer to another agency
• Refer to a specific program – CAPP, PACT, LIFE
• 90 Day Good Behavior
• Informal Adjustment
• Set for Preliminary Hearing
• Set for Shelter Care
• Release or Detain

Detention is based on
1. Threat to others
2. Threat to self
3. History of FTA
4. Parent refuses to pick child up